Write Your Obituary to Save Your Life
Write Your Obituary to Save Your Life - HI. I'M ED. - BLOG.EDESCOTO.COM

You can achieve your wildest dreams in the next 6–12 months. You simply need to start living to die instead of dying to live. This is what Robin Sharma calls having a “death-bed” mentality. It means you never take another day for granted again. It means you bring extreme and powerful enthusiasm to everything you […]

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If Not Now, When?
If Not Now, Then When? - blog.edescoto.com

[Average read time: 1 minute] You hear your alarm go off – your eyes open – that makes today a great day. Show up. Care a little more. Embrace possibility. Tell the truth. Expect more from yourself. Stand for something. Swallow your pride. Seek the truth behind the story. Dive deeper. Ask the difficult question. […]

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Do This Today to Become a More Courageous Person
Do This Today and Become a More Courageous Person

[Average read time: 2 minutes] Many people believe courage can only be developed when confronted with a back-against-the-wall scenario in which you transcend human ability and perform superhuman feats. But courage doesn’t typically come from extraordinary people or extreme situations. In fact, an ordinary person who generates enough courage each day to take on life’s […]

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