Do This Today and Become a More Courageous Person

Many people believe courage can only be developed when confronted with a back-against-the-wall scenario in which you transcend human ability and perform superhuman feats.

But courage doesn’t typically come from extraordinary people or extreme situations. In fact, an ordinary person who generates enough courage each day to take on life’s many challenges can accomplish extraordinary things.

The moment you summon enough courage to ask for help!

…the moment you choose not to eat junk food!

…the moment you decide to go back to school!

…the moment you decide that you will no longer be pushed around!

…the moment you ask your favorite barista out on a date!

…the moment you apologize for a mistake!

…the moment you allow yourself to forgive someone who did you wrong!

…the moment you decide to start your first business!

…the moment you decide to Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You!

…the moment you decide to stop playing by everyone else’s rules and take charge of your life!!

It is in these moments that courage is found and developed. These moments happen every day and are often times overlooked and then they’re gone. In these moments, there is no glory; they’re simply an opportunity to take one step closer to become the best version of yourself.

There will be no applause – no award – shit, there’s a good chance no one will even notice. But you’ll notice.

The difference between a coward and a hero isn’t a standing ovation or an audience. It’s the realization that the small things in life matter. They matter a lot! You can’t expect to accomplish great things without getting the small things right first.

These seemingly insignificant choices are the building blocks on which you develop the strength and courage you’ll need to stand tall and face life’s biggest challenges. Get these ordinary things right and you’ll be ready to do extraordinary things people will remember forever and maybe, just maybe, you’ll change the world.

Tomorrow is a new day and every choice matters – yes, every choice – so choose wisely.

You are the sum of every choice you have ever made.

Given that, is there such a thing as an insignificant choice?

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