At the raw age of 38, I stand atop the mountain of my lived experiences, gazing down at the path I’ve trudged. There’s a fire in my veins now, a roaring blaze that took three long decades to ignite. As I peer back through the mist of time, I see my 18-year-old self – a bud of potential, ripe for the harsh, yet nurturing whispers of reality. Oh, how I long to grab that young, naive creature by the shoulders and shake the slumber from his bones.

“You fool!” I’d bellow into the face of my former self.

“Life owes you nothing! The world is a harsh landscape that will eat you up and shit you out without a second thought. But within you boils a force potent enough to carve out a niche in this ruthless existence.”

1. Ignite Your Willpower, Extinguish Your Fear:
At 18, the world seemed a frightening maze with monsters lurking in every shadow. Fear gripped me, veiling the boundless vistas of opportunity.

“Fear is the mind-killer,” I’d tell my younger self. “It is the little-death that brings total obliteration. Face it. Conquer it. Let your will roar so loud fear trembles and scampers away.”

2. Unshackle Yourself From The Chains Of Conformity:
I’d slap the chains of conformity off my 18-year-old wrists. “You are not born to live someone else’s life,” I’d roar. “You are a wild, unique creature with a heart throbbing for the unfrequented paths. Venture into the unknown, break the shackles, defy the norms, and carve your destiny with relentless defiance!”

3. Forge Relationships Like Steel:
I’d scream into the youthful face about the essence of forging relationships as one forges steel — with fire, patience, and relentless hammering.

“Surround yourself with the warriors, the thinkers, the compassionate and the driven. They are the blacksmiths who will help temper your soul into unyielding steel.”

4. Seize The Reins Of Financial Mastery:
With a wild gaze, I’d impart the crucial wisdom of financial literacy.

“You want freedom? Then master the game of money! Learn it, live it, and let the wealth you amass be the steed upon which you ride into the realms of endless possibilities.”

5. Unveil The Sacredness Of Your Body Temple:
I’d make my younger self feel the solid grip of reality. “Your body is not an amusement park!” I’d bellow. “It’s a temple. A fortress. Train it. Feed it with the nectar of nourishment. Let every muscle, every sinew, echo the hymn of invincibility.”

6. Seek The Wisdom Of The Ages:
“Ignorance is the shackles of the doomed,” I’d utter with a stern face. “Seek knowledge. Read, listen, and delve into the minds of the wise who walked before you. Let their essence kindle the lamp of wisdom within.”

I’d leave my younger self with a face stinging from the harsh winds of truth, yet with a heart aflame with the roaring call of destiny.

It’s a brutal realm, this life, but within each of us lies a force ferocious enough to seize the reins and charge into the future with unyielding resolve.

So, to my 18-year-old self, I say, “Unleash the titan within, and let your tale be one of relentless pursuit and undying fire.”

Onward 🫡

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