If you’re not driven to create a legacy, then what are you even living for? It’s time to shatter your limitations, obliterate your doubts, and unleash the force within you that can change the course of your family tree. There’s no room for the timid; it’s time to be aggressive in your quest for immortality in the hearts and minds of your children, your grandchildren, and all the future generations you will never meet on Earth.

The world does not remember the passive bystanders or the easily dissuaded. It rewards those who dared to dream beyond their horizons, who shattered the boundaries of possibility. Your potential is limitless, and yet you sit idle, squandering your precious hours on trivialities and complacency.

What will your epitaph read? “Here lies [Your Name], who had potential but never acted upon it”? Is that the story you want etched into the annals of time? It’s time to unleash the fire within you, to channel your aggression towards crafting a destiny that resonates for generations.

Selfishness is the enemy of progress. Those who refuse to acknowledge their duty to family tree, to humanity, are nothing more than hollow vessels. The relentless pursuit of personal gain at the expense of collective progress is a stain upon one’s legacy. Don’t fall into the trap of self-indulgence; rise above it and strive to create something greater than yourself. Imagine the satisfaction of knowing that your actions, your choices, contributed to the a better future for your family tree and society. The only selfishness that is acceptable is the pursuit of greatness that benefits all.

When you seize the reins of your destiny, you embark on a journey that will echo through time. It’s not about seeking validation from others; it’s about proving to yourself that you are capable of achieving the extraordinary. The naysayers will scoff, the skeptics will doubt, but their voices are mere whispers in the shadows of your ambition. Your triumphs will be the megaphone through which your legacy resounds, drowning out the haters and their bullshit.

Generations to come will look upon your achievements with reverence, with awe. They will draw inspiration from your audacity, your courage to defy the status quo. Imagine being the guiding star in the night sky, illuminating the path for those who come after you. Your legacy will be a beacon of hope, a testament to the power of the human spirit to overcome adversity and soar to unimaginable heights.

But remember, the clock is ticking. Time waits for no one, and neither should you. Every moment wasted is a brick missing from the monument you’re building. Embrace the urgency, channel the aggression, and harness the fire within you to fuel your journey towards immortality. The road won’t be easy, but nothing truly worthwhile ever is.

So, as you read these words, let the fire of determination ignite within you. Let the thought of leaving a legacy that echoes through the ages consume you. The choice is clear: a life of passive existence or a life of audacious purpose. The world is waiting for your mark, your contribution. Don’t let selfishness hold you back; let your legacy be one of unyielding impact, of boundless inspiration, and of unwavering courage.

Carve your name into the lasting memories of your loved ones, and let it shine as a beacon of hope for generations to come.

Don’t be deterred. Do what needs to be done and take what’s yours!

Onward 🫡

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