In a world that advocates specialization, it’s easy to feel like you have to be the very best in one domain to achieve success. However, idea sex is a concept that’s been noodling around in my mind for over a decade.

Idea sex means taking things you’re good at, combine them, get better at them, and be the master of that thing.

Take Edgar for example, he isn’t the best corporate finance guy, writer, dad, or ex-husband. Yet, he’s combined his skills, experiences, and passions to carve out a niche that nobody else occupies or can occupy.

He is, undisputedly, the best divorced dad who is a corporate finance expert and has a knack for writing about business and creates children’s books that have resonated with people enough that he become an Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author.

Idea sex can change your life!

1. Embrace Your Individuality:
Each of us possesses a unique blend of experiences, skills, and passions. Instead of trying to fit into a singular mold, celebrate what makes you different. Edgar’s journey wasn’t about becoming the best in one domain but about intertwining his roles and skills into something truly distinctive.

2. Constant Improvement:
Being a jack-of-all-trades doesn’t mean settling for mediocrity. Like Edgar, you should always seek to improve in each of your domains, even if you aren’t aiming to be the absolute best. This commitment to growth in multiple areas will compound over time, leading to expertise that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

3. Combining Passions:
Edgar’s love for corporate finance and writing may seem unrelated at first. But his decision to marry these interests led to a unique side hustle. He didn’t stop there, either. His role as a father, coupled with his writing passion, paved the way for creating children’s books, one of my layers to his multifaceted identity.

4. Celebrate the Journey:
Life is filled with ups and downs. Edgar’s journey to becoming a #1 Best-Selling Author wasn’t without its challenges, including navigating the complexities of divorce. But these experiences, both good and bad, added depth to his story and became a source of inspiration for his writing.

5. Capitalize on Your Unique Blend:
By combining his skills and experiences, Edgar discovered a niche that he could dominate. Your unique blend of abilities, when paired intelligently, can lead to opportunities and successes that others can’t replicate.

In Conclusion:
In an age where it’s easy to get lost in the noise, idea sex is your ticket to standing out. You don’t need to be the best in the world at one thing. Instead, focus on combining your passions and skills. This synergy can create a magnetic force that draws opportunities and success towards you.

The next time you find yourself thinking you’re just “average” or “good enough” in multiple areas, remember Edgar. Remember the concept of idea sex.

Merge your strengths, blaze your own trail, and watch as the world takes note of your unique greatness.

The world is waiting for you to make your mark.

Onward, friends! 🫡

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