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You hear your alarm go off – your eyes open – that makes today a great day.

Show up.

Care a little more.

Embrace possibility.

Tell the truth.

Expect more from yourself.

Stand for something.

Swallow your pride.

Seek the truth behind the story.

Dive deeper.

Ask the difficult question.

Lend a hand.

Play the long game.

Say “NO” to hate.

Look for opportunities; there’s always opportunity.

Dream big.

Risk a big dream for one that’s bigger.

Take care of the little guy.

Build something magical.

Build anything; don’t let your name be forgotten.

Keep your promises.

Do work that matters.

Sign your work.

Be generous for no reason.

Give the benefit of the doubt.

Develop empathy.

Make your mom proud.

Make your haters salty.

Take responsibility.

Give credit.

Play by a better set of rules – better yet, play a new game people didn’t know existed.

Choose your boss.

Choose your customers.

Choose your reputation.

Choose your future.

Reward patience.


Take the leap.

Because we can.

It really is up to us – we’re capable of changing everything if we choose.

All we can do is all we can do, but maybe, all we can do is enough.

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