Creating a compelling listing with an accurate description, appealing photographs, and the right price is crucial to rent out your bedroom quickly.

A great listing makes all the difference and will attract more potential renters and convey the worth of your space.

Below are steps to guide you through creating an optimal listing.

1. Crafting a Detailed Listing Description:

a) Be Specific and Honest:

Detail the room’s features, such as its dimensions, lighting, and furnishings, accurately.

Be honest about any flaws to maintain transparency and avoid disputes.

It’s infinitely better to set lower expectations and a potential tenant be pleasantly surprised when they see the room in person.

b) Highlight Amenities:

Highlight the amenities provided, like Wi-Fi, parking spaces, kitchen access, and laundry facilities.

Detailing the conveniences available can be a major attraction.

c) Describe the Location:

Include information about the neighborhood, proximity to public transport, local attractions, and shopping centers.

This will help the renters to gauge the lifestyle they can expect.

d) Incorporate Keywords:

Incorporate relevant keywords to improve visibility on rental platforms. For example, if you’re renting a bedroom with a private bathroom, include phrases like “private bathroom.”

2. Capturing High-Quality Photographs:

a) Use Natural Light:

Photograph the room during the day when natural light is abundant. It makes the space look inviting and helps in capturing true colors.

b) Clean and Declutter:

Ensure that the room is tidy and free of personal items. A clean, clutter-free space appears more spacious and allows potential renters to visualize themselves in the space.

c) Take Multiple Angles:

Photograph the room from different angles to give a comprehensive view of the space. Including close-ups of unique features or amenities can also be beneficial.

d) Use High-Resolution Images:

High-resolution images look professional and allow viewers to zoom in for a closer look at details, giving them a clearer understanding of the space.

But don’t overthink it. Any smartphone from this decade will do just fine. You’re not renting out a $25,000 per month mansion—it’s a $650 room.

It’s about progress, not perfection.

3. Determining the Right Price:

a) Research Comparable Listings:

Examine local listings with similar features, amenities, and location to understand the going rate. This will help in competitively pricing your bedroom.

b) Consider Your Costs:

Factor in your expenses like mortgage or rent, utilities, and maintenance costs. Setting a price that covers your costs while remaining competitive is key.

c) Be Flexible:

Be open to negotiations and willing to adjust the price based on demand, duration of stay, and feedback received from potential renters.

d) Offer Incentives:

Providing incentives like a discounted first month’s rent or including utilities in the rent can make your listing more appealing.

Optimizing Your Listing for Success:

Once you’ve created your listing, post it on reputable rental platforms like Facebook Marketplace and share it across your social media networks to increase visibility.

Timely responses to inquiries and being open to showing the room will also aid in renting out your room quickly.

Regularly review your listing’s performance and be willing to make adjustments to the description, photographs, or price as needed, based on the responses and feedback received.

In summary, a detailed, honest description, appealing, high-quality photographs, and a competitive, fair price are vital components of a successful rental listing.

By meticulously crafting your listing and being proactive in your approach, you can ensure that your bedroom is rented out swiftly, to the right renter.

This is a hard pill to swallow for new business owners, but everything comes down to price. If you’ve put in the work to create a great listing with nice pictures, you should get potential renters reaching out to you. If not, your price is too high.

The market doesn’t give a shit what you want for your room. The market tells you what it’s willing to pay.

Don’t like it? Stay home and enjoy your empty room.

But if you’re ready to create a better life, learn the rules of the game. Just get started, then improve, and only then can you create the future you want.

Onward 🫡

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