When you dive into the world of renting out bedrooms, know this: the playing field is not for the timid. To truly seize the throne, you need to think like a general in battle, balancing aggressive offensive action with airtight defenses.

If you’re not just in it for the game, but to truly dominate, you need to be both an unstoppable force of nature and the immovable object.

Unleash Your Offensive Power

In the business of property rentals, you have to be hungry, always looking for the next conquest.

If you’re not growing, you’re dying—I don’t remember where I heard this; it is a bit dramatic, but it gets the point across.

Always moving towards a goal will result in better results in the long run.

Here’s how to go full-throttle:

  1. Relentless Growth: Profitability is not a mere bonus; it’s your war-cry. Before you even consider moving to the next fortress (rental property), optimize every ounce of your rental business and that will generate the maximum monthly profit from your existing properties. Make them scream success. If your rental isn’t a golden goose yet, it’s not time to buy another. It’s time to turn up the heat and make it shit out dollar bills.
  2. Ruthless Marketing: Get your properties out there like a king announcing his reign. Upgrade your listing to the point where they’re impossible to ignore. Dive deep into local networks, and ensure everyone knows your name and what you offer. The best tenant is out there, and they’ll only come knocking if they know your door exists.
  3. Continual Enhancement: Think of your properties as weapons in your arsenal. Continuously sharpen them. Regular updates, be it fresh paint, new amenities, or even random pizza days, can increase your rental rates over time. Stay ahead, always.

Build an Ironclad Defense

But what’s a powerful offense without an equally formidable defense that can withstand the onslaught of shit the world will throw your way?

Only when you guard your empire can you truly reap its benefits.

Here’s how you construct that impenetrable fortress:

  1. Emergency Fund: We’re not talking pocket change. This is your war chest, massive and ready for any siege. When vacancies last longer than expected or unexpected repairs pop up, this fund ensures you don’t flinch. You can face any adversity with this by your side. This should be many thousands of dollars and should be able to cover you if several tenants move out suddenly at the time your HVAC quits on you and the roof gets damaged from a hail storm. A $10k-$15K emergency fund per house is a great start.
  2. Supercharged Liability Insurance: In the realm of rentals, dangers lurk everywhere. That small slip from a tenant or an unforeseen calamity could bleed you dry. But not if you’re shielded with top-tier liability insurance. Don’t just get coverage; get the kind of coverage that says, “Try me.”
  3. Rigorous Tenant Screening: Your defense starts at the gates. By being meticulous with tenant screening, you ensure that only the worthy enter your realm. It’s not about being selective; it’s about being smart, ensuring your income flows like a relentless river.
  4. Summon the Experts: Think of professionals – lawyers, property managers, maintenance folks – as your knights and generals. Their expertise will shield you from blunders, guiding your rental empire with precision. Even just spending 30 minutes per day googling about specific topics (or reading my articles) can teach you about every aspect of your room rental business.

Conquer with Balance

Imagine a world where your room rental adventures aren’t just ventures but legends in the making.

This isn’t a pipe dream; it’s a reality waiting for those ready to strike with balanced might.

For every step you take in expansion, put a brick in your fortress of protection.

This battlefield, with its highs and lows, is not for the faint-hearted.

It’s for warriors, for those who look challenges in the eye and say, “Is that all you got?”

Whether you’re just stepping onto this battlefield or you’ve been in the trenches for years, remember that true dominance comes from both growth and protection.

So gear up, warrior.

With an aggressive offense and an unyielding defense, not only will you conquer the world of bedroom rentals, but you’ll also forge an empire that stands the test of time.

Let every property you acquire and every dollar you deploy scream one thing:

Here lies a force to be reckoned with.

As you wage battle to conquer your destiny, I will stand by your side, shoulder to shoulder, and we’ll tear down anything that dares to get in the way.

Grow with unforgiving aggression.

And protect your ass[ets].

Offense scores points.

Defense ensures you win the game.

Onward 🫡

Want to learn how to get started?

Email me at edgar@edgarescoto.com or text me 310.774.7992 and I will show you step by step how to turn your empty rooms into monthly rent for life. I’ll answer any one question for free. Onward!

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