Donna Paulsen. Secretary? Think again. Chief Operating Officer? Closer. Legend? Absolutely. For those of you who’ve been living under a rock or wasting your evenings on less epic pastimes, Donna Paulsen is the feisty, quick-witted redhead from the TV series ‘Suits’ that we all, deep down, aspire to be. It isn’t just about her unmatched ability to find anything or her keen fashion sense, but rather the life lessons she effortlessly imparts. So, buckle up, darling, because school’s in session.

1. Confidence is Your Best Outfit; Rock it and Own it.

Every time Donna stepped into a room, it was as if the universe shifted a bit to make space for her immense self-assurance. She didn’t just ooze confidence; she practically bathed in it. And what can we learn? Simple. When you believe in yourself, so will everyone else. Confidence isn’t just about how you look or what you wear. It’s about knowing your worth and refusing to let anyone mark you down.

2. Emotional Intelligence Beats IQ. Every. Single. Time.

Donna had a gift, the ‘Donna Radar’, if you will. She could read people, understand them, and more importantly, she knew how to handle them. It wasn’t about her being smarter (though let’s face it, she was); it was about her being more attuned. In a world obsessed with GPAs and IQs, Donna’s EQ (Emotional Quotient) is the game changer we all need to invest in.

3. Loyalty Isn’t Just a Word. It’s a Lifestyle.

Donna stood by Harvey, Mike, and the entire Pearson Specter Litt team, even when things went south (which, let’s admit, was quite often). She taught us that loyalty isn’t just about standing by someone when it’s convenient. It’s about standing by someone because it’s right.

4. Wit Over Grit.

While hard work is essential, a little wit can save you hours of toiling. Whether it was a snappy retort or a quick solution to a complex problem, Donna demonstrated time and again that brains beat brawn. The message? Work smart, not just hard.

5. Love Fiercely and Without Apology.

From her complex relationship with Harvey to her unwavering care for Rachel, Donna wore her heart on her designer sleeve. She reminded us that in the cutthroat world of law, finance, or any field for that matter, love is not a weakness; it’s the ultimate strength.

6. Red Isn’t Just a Hair Color; It’s a Power Statement.

While we may not all be blessed with Donna’s fiery red locks, we can all make a statement. Find your color, your style, your statement. And then, rock the hell out of it.

7. Never Settle.

Despite being immensely talented, Donna did not stagnate in her role as a secretary. She aimed for more, she demanded more, and guess what? She got more. Settling is for those who don’t realize their worth. And as Donna would probably say, “Honey, you’re worth so much more than you think.”

So, the next time you’re feeling down, or aimless, or just in need of a little fire in your life, think: What would Donna Paulsen do? And then, channel that inner redhead, and take on the world, one stiletto at a time.

Because if Donna taught us anything, it’s that with the right mix of confidence, wit, and sheer determination, there’s nothing you can’t achieve.

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