Top 10 Video Games Today – By Derek (First Article)

1 undertale a great game with interesting game mechanics 2 minecraft this is my favorite sandbox game for being a open world 3 terraria an mmo sandbox game that feels like a boss rush. 4 teardown a game where you destroy everything in sight. 5 a dance of fire and ice a rhythm game where […]

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90% of World’s Millionaires Created Their Wealth With Real Estate

Over the last two centuries, about 90 percent of the world’s millionaires have been created by investing in real estate. Real estate is real and it’s a great idea to put your money in real assets. The only people who lose money in real estate are those who bought at the height of the market […]

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Tesla – The New Face of Made in America
Tesla – The New Face of ‘Made in America’ - HI. I'M ED.

The’s 2020 American-Made Index annual survey ranks new vehicles that “contribute most to the U.S. economy” through U.S. factory jobs, manufacturing plants, and parts sourcing was just released and the top 10 list might surprise you. This is the first year Tesla supplied the information needed to qualify, according to Kelsey Mays,’s senior […]

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A Leaky Roof
A Leaky Roof - HI. I'M ED.

A leaky roof is worse than no roof at all. If there’s no roof, we’re not surprised and disappointed when raindrops fall on us. But a roof that leaks has raised our expectations and then failed to meet them. Promising someone a roof and then breaking that promise is far worse than having no roof […]

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