Yesterday, on October 15th, I turned 38. The journey around the sun this past year has been nothing short of adventure. Each day a battle, each success a conquered territory. The war drums echoed with the rhythm of progress, propelling me into realms of victories I had been yearning for. And as I stand on the hilltop of this milestone, I recount the triumphs, the territories gained, and the battles won.

My corporate finance career saw a decisive victory. The climb up the ranks was reminiscent of a well-executed military campaign.

Each project, each presentation was a strategic move on the chessboard of corporate warfare, positioning me closer to my version of success.

The generals took notice and hard work only goes unnoticed if you let it.

Be so good they can’t ignore you.

It wasn’t just a win for me, but for the entire battalion that is my team.

For many years, I was distracted without purpose.

But that all changed.

The battle against the bulge was a tough one, a guerrilla war against years of complacency. But I emerged victorious, shedding 18 pounds of excess, each pound a fortress reclaimed.

The war isn’t over, but the tides have turned, and I march forward with an army of resolve.

On the entrepreneurial front, the room rental empire is progressing. Like a skilled commander, I navigated through the tides of demand and supply, ensuring the vessels of the room rental business sailed smoothly through the turbulent market waters.

The spoils of war were sweet, adding a robust revenue stream to my financial army of dollar bills. Every day, their mission is to deploy into the battlefield of the marketplace, capture more soldiers, and bring them back to home base.

In the quiet hours, the war room of my mind buzzed with strategies for my next literary venture, “Room Rental Revolution.”

The manuscript is now a well-forged weapon, ready to be unleashed upon the world, a testament to the countless days spent obsessing in the trenches of creativity.

Amidst the controlled chaos of daily warfare, the silent pen scribbled ferociously.

I published a staggering 48 articles that marched onto the pages of my blog at, with a total of 40,800 words conquering my corner of the digital realm.

Each article was a cannon shot of ideas, resonating through the silent halls of the internet.

As I set foot into my 38th year, the war drums beat louder with audacious goals etched on the banners of ambition.

The quest for greater health continues with a fortified resolve.

The digital fortress of shall see its flags fly high with the influx of my 2,500 visitors goal.

“Room Rental Revolution” is poised to charge through the publishing gates soon, and a lofty financial target waits patiently on the horizon, a treasure chest that is calling my name.

The battlefield is vast, and the war is long, but at 38, I stand battle-hardened, with a heart aflame and an unyielding spirit.

The saga of triumph roars through the shadows of the past year, fuelling the war machines for the missions on the horizon.

The armor is strapped.

The sword is sharpened.

And as I march into the realms of 39, the horizon is full of opportunity.

I am more focused than ever before. Like a trained sniper, locked in on my target, and ready to shoot my shot.

There are battles to be won.

There are empires to be built.

It’s going to be a great year, muthafuckaaass!!!

Onward 🫡

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