The gentle kiss of the 69-degree breeze on my nalgas (butt) this morning was a refreshing embrace, especially after a summer of relentless Texas heat.

Waking up in Long Beach, CA this morning, I took a moment to revel in the tranquility and mildness of the day, reminding myself of the joy hidden in life’s simple treasures.

As the upcoming Labor Day weekend approaches, I can’t help but anticipate the time I’ll spend with my kids. We’ve planned our favorite meals, perhaps a scoop or two of our favorite ice cream.

In these moments, not marked by extravagance but by sheer, raw presence, I find the most happiness. The way their eyes light up with glee, or how we all laugh until our bellies ache – these are the irreplaceable gems of life.

It’s incredible how a calm Long Beach morning can propel one into deep reflection.

As I sipped my morning coffee, I thought about the past, the many Labor Days we’ve celebrated, and the countless memories we’ve created.

From our first sandcastle to teaching them how to ride a bike, these fleeting moments from the past are etched forever in the corridors of my heart.

Being in the present, I’m constantly reminded of the beauty that surrounds me. The present has a way of grounding us, reminding us to slow down and enjoy every second.

With my children, it’s as if time stops; their laughter, stories, and even their endless questions create a tapestry of moments I wish I could bottle up.

Thinking of the future, especially as I watch my children grow, fills me with a bittersweet sentiment. There’s excitement for what’s to come, but also a nostalgic longing to hold onto every moment.

Yet, I am reminded that the future is built on the foundation of our past and present experiences. And if the foundation is made of love, joy, and these simple moments, then the future is indeed bright.

So, as the sun rises on another beautiful day in Long Beach, and as we gear up for the Labor Day weekend, I urge you – and myself – to hold onto the little things.

Let’s savor the cool breezes, the family outings, and the joyous laughter of our loved ones.

For it’s in these little things that the true essence of life is captured.

As the weekend unfolds, I aim to be present, to cherish every giggle and every hug, and to appreciate life’s simple treasures.

For these are the moments that, when strung together, create a lifetime of memories.

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